At Dusk Till Dawn Ink you must to be 18 years of age or older. Sorry, no exceptions, not even with parental consent.


Our minimum is $75. We charge by the piece, not hourly. Quotes will be determined in person at the time of booking your appointment, during a free consultation. We will always try to be as accurate and reasonable about our pricing as possible. If you have a limit on the amount you can spend on you tattoo let your artist know so they can give you the best tattoo within your budget. We also have payment plans available for the bigger pieces (backs, sleeves, etc.).

We do not give quotes online or over the phone, no exceptions. 


You must come into the shop during regular business hours (open 6 days a week from 11am-6pm not including Wednesdays) to book all appointments for new tattoos and/or clients. There is no booking online or via phone, no exceptions.

Please bring any reference material you have. This could be an image from the internet, a photo, drawing or even a favourite t-shirt. Our artists will work with you to create a piece of art just for you! If your image is on a device, please sent it to with your name and your artists’ name.

We do allow those who live outside of the city to book appointments without coming into the shop. Email correspondence, phone calls and a deposit in the form of an e-transfer, will allow you to book an appointment. Should you have any questions about this process, please contact Kasey at 587-293-3875.


The minimum deposit for either a tattoo or custom artwork is $50. Deposit size is at the artists’ discretion. The deposit is a booking fee and will be kept to hold your appointment. The deposit amount will come off the price of the tattoo during your last appointment when the tattoo is completed. Deposits are non-refundable once placed.


We require 24 hrs notice to charge or cancel an appointment. If you do not give us proper notice, you will be charged $50 on your next visit and/or lose your deposit. If you no show on your appointment you will be changed an additional $100 and/or lose your deposit.


All tattoo clients at Dusk Till Dawn Ink are entitled to one (1) to three (3) free touch-up on their tattoo within six (6) months of receiving their tattoo. This depends on the placement of the tattoo; your Artist will let you know how many touch-ups you’re entitled to during or after the final sitting of the tattoo.

However, where poor aftercare, accidental damage, picking and scratching, exposure to severe elements, sudden and drastic weight gain or loss are present, you forfeit your right to a free touch-up.  Free touch-ups apply to artist errors and or omissions. Remember that your skin type, age, natural pigmentation, skin defects (acne, discolorations, large pores, etc), and overall physical condition will be the greatest determining factor in how close to perfect you tattoo can look.


We accept Cash, all major Credit Cards. We also have an ATM on site.


All artists have portfolios on our Facebook page (dusktilldawninkcalgary), Website ( as well as hard copies of their portfolios in the shop. At any time, you can look at these portfolios and see if one of our artists appeals to you. If you come into the shop with your reference material or email your reference material to, the Dusk Till Dawn Ink reception team and management team can recommend an artist that will best suit the tattoo design you want.


You can bring your child to the shop for your tattoo consult, but unfortunately children are not allowed in the shop during your actual tattoo appointment. Children become distracting to the artists and other clients, so we ask that you please make other arrangements for your child on the day of your appointment. We are a tattoo shop, an innately adult environment where cursing, nudity and innuendoes are the norm.


While we try to stay on top of drawings and appointments, sometimes a cancellation is needed if the artist is not happy with the artwork or becomes sick.  Please remember artists are only one person, can only do so much work and sometimes get run down.  We do not want to tattoo if we are not completely happy with the artwork or are not feeling well.  Your tattoo is with you for life and should be the best it can possibly be.

 Any client that displays abusive, rude, disrespectful or obscene behavior will not be tolerated and will be escorted from the shop immediately; losing all rights to be welcome back to Dusk Till Dawn Ink in the future. We reserve the right to refuse service.