Tattoo Supplies:

Dusk Till Dawn Ink has joined up with Tattoo Supply Guy for all your tattoo needs!

Once you get your tattoo we have a great assortment of aftercare available for sale on site. We also do touch ups for free up to 6 months depending on the location of your tattoo.


Dusk Till Dawn has many talented artists to help make your dreams become a reality...

Come in and tell us or show us your story and let us put that story or memory on you forever!

What Clients Say About Us

"This place is down right amazing and the artists are phenomenal. They go above and beyond to ensure that you have the best experience possible and they are more worried about perfecting the art than collecting money. I had Shelly for my first 8 tattoos and I will definitely be going back for more. Hands down will always recommend. Try it."

​​                    Bronwyn Redditt 

"Great environment, great people, great artwork, all around great experience from start to finish. Highly recommend!"

                       Duncan Maybee

"I will rave about Dusk Till Dawn until i turn blue in the face. I absolutely love the atmosphere, the energy, the quality, and every other part of the shop. Elvy has done my tattoos and my friends, and I looove how they've turned out and how she was. If i could give it more than five stars, I would!"

                          Keely Jai


Dusk Till Dawn Ink has joined up with "Bringing Beauty To You Boutique"! We have a large assortment in stock! Necklaces, Bracelets, some Earrings are available at the front desk... 

Unlike most Shops we at Dusk Till Dawn Ink know how hard it can be to get that big tattoo you always wanted, So we offer on large expensive tattoos payment plans to order to help ease the burden of paying large amounts of money in one sitting or paying per hour not knowing when or how much it will cost you in the end, with our program you know how much it will cost and how many sittings.

So if you want always wanted that back piece or sleeve or even that cover up, You now can get it...

Now there is an option, Come see us today don't wait any longer....

Put some Sin in your Skin......

Payment Plans

Are Available

"I just had two tattoos done here and they turned out top notch. A great group of guys and gals who are very friendly and professional. And to top it off very talented. Thank you all I enjoyed my visit."

​                      Michael Reed

  • New Tattoo4:18

"Awesome place. I've been in quite a few places over the last few years, as my daughter is addicted to piercings, but none of them were as friendly and welcoming as this place. By far the best atmosphere, friendliest people and prices you can't beat!"

                         Keri Walker

Deals.... Deals.... Deals

​................................FUK-IT DEALS.................................

​~ $50 Fuk-It Darts! Here's How its Played: there is flash designs on a dart board, put the $50 down and throw one dart make a choice yes/no; if no throw one more dart making it a take it or leave it! Two Darts only!

~ $50 Fuk-It Bubble Machine! Here's How its Played: Put a Quarter ($0.25) in and turn the knob and down comes a design! These are custom designs done only by the Jr. Artists & Apprentices.

~ $100 Fuk-it Bucket (XL Edition)! Here's How its Played: there is flash designs in a bucket, put the $100 down and you put out (blindly) 2 designs but you can only pick one of the two! 

~ Plus so much more!!!

...............................ARTIST DEALS.................................

~ All Artist deals can be found monthly on our Facebook Page... Check it out at